6 inch Offertory Candles – spell candles

candles 6 inchThese straight candles are a little larger than the small chime / spell candles so expect a longer burn time. Great for spells and rituals that require longer time to work and the candle has enough surface for you to carve your intentions onto the surface.

They are sometimes called household candles because they are the same size as the candle used for power outages.
$1.00 each
great use within your candle magic and other spells. 6″ x 5/8″

Black offertory candle – Absorbing Negativity. Black candles are often thought to be used for baneful work and while they sometimes can be, they are also used for absorbing negativity then releasing it.

Green offertory candle – Wealth, fertility, prosperity. While green candles are most often used for drawing in money, they can be used for all types of abundance in your life.

Blue offertory candle – Success, Healing. The color of the sky. The color we associate with oceans and water. It is most often used for healing purposes or for repair.

Purple offertory candle – Protection – Success in legal matters. Known as a color worn by royalty, it is no wonder that purple signifies success and achievement. Also for raising standards and improving performance.

Red offertory candle – Sexual potency, passion, love. Red is used for lust and passion and is often used in hot foot spells because of its “hot” color. Relationship, energy and vitality.

Orange offertory candle – Control, legal matters, attraction. Orange is used most of the time for court case and legal matters as well as spells of road opening. also used for education, energy, and stimulation.

White offertory candle – Purity, truth, sincerity, truth. Used for all matters of blessing and purity, white can also be used in a pinch to replace any other candle color. Before the invention of colored candles, white candle were used in all magic.

Yellow offertory candle – Creativity, confidence, and matters of the mind. Yellow is for matters of intelligence, manifesting new ideas and thoughts and for mental clarity. Many practitioners of magic also use yellow for friendship.

Brown offertory candle – Protection against Psychic Attack and Earth Magic, brown is also used for psychic connection with pets. Connected to matters of property, real estate, and material goods. For locating lost objects.

Sunday – Yellow
Monday – White
Tuesday – Red
Wednesday – Purple
Thursday – Blue
Friday – Green
Saturday – Black