Florida Water homemade – Hoodoo blessing holy water

florida waterFlorida Water is used in hoodoo to bless and cleanse new items you’ve acquired or to give old items a “fresh start.” as well as for house protection and spiritual cleansing. Let’s say that someone came over and picked up a ritual item that you don’t normally allow anyone to touch. You would rub Florida water on your hands and rub the item – in essence, you are “buffing away” someone else’s energy. It is the same principle of cleansing items in salt.

In the 19th century, Florida Water was (it is still made) cologne (actually, the weaker “toilet water”) and was crafted from mainly floral and citrus oils in a perfume base.

This is our homemade, from scratch, Florida water. We have recreated Florida Water based loosely on using the traditional citrus oils mixed with lavender. for spiritual cleansing and purification. Contains essential oils of lavender, tangerine, sweet orange, lemon, and clove in a base of perfumer’s alcohol. So clean and bright. We also make a Florida Water soap. 1 oz. bottle

As with all our other oils and creations, once the Florida Water is bottled it is taken to our altar where it is smudged and prayed over. One, 4 ounce glass bottle.