Nine 9 Herb Bath Hoodoo – power wisdom control

Nine 9 Herb hoodoo bath9 Herb Bath is a hoodoo formula that is said to be for empowerment, clarity, wisdom, and control. You can either steep the herbs directly in the bath water or brew a strong tea on the stovetop and pour into the bath water.

Bath with for confidence when needing to make an important decision or bath in the night before a speech, test, or other events that test your will power and the need for clarity.

While many hoodoo recipes are different, they all contain a total of 9 herbs, flowers, roots to create the 9 bath blend. While I can’t give away my recipe by telling you all 9 ingredients, I reveal some: contains – marjoram, violet leaf, lavender buds, chamomile, chewing john, agrimony, and others herbs.

Enough for two baths.