Seven 7 Herb Bath Hoodoo – luck and money

hoodoo seven 7 bath7 Herb Bath is an old hoodoo formula that is said to be for drawing in good luck and money and helping improve finances. You can either steep the herbs directly in the bath water or brew a strong tea on the stovetop and pour into the bath water.

The tea made from the herbal blend can also be used to clean areas where luck and money drawing are needed, such as the front porch of business, a cash register, etc.

While many hoodoo recipes are different, they all contain a total of 7 herbs, flowers, roots to create the 7 bath blend. While I can’t give away my recipe by telling you all 7 ingredients, I reveal some: contains – red clover, rose petals, violet leaf, calendula, chamomile, and others herbs.

Enough for two baths.