Baths – Washes

Hoodoo Baths, Waters, and Washes

Spiritual baths are a mainstay in the Hoodoo tradition and are used for cleansing, blessing, and uncrossing – just to name a few conditions. A variety of products can be used to cleanse using herbs, spiritual waters, and washes. Spiritual baths were performed by an experienced practioner, usually with the client standing in a washtub. The appropriate herbs were steeped in water and the client was bathed to removed all negative influences.

Florida Water is considered a spiritual water and is used for cleansing ritual items as well as protecting the home by using it to apply on doorways, windows, and thresholds.

Herbal baths are brewed for many purposes where you take a spiritual bath and save a bit of bathwater to throw towards the sunrise (to being something new into your life) or to the sunset (to take something out of your life.)

Spiritual bath salts can be used in a similar way to herbal baths — also for changing a person’s vibration to bring about spiritual changes regarding: love, money, negativity, uncrossing, protection, etc.

House washes, such as Chinese Wash, are used to spiritually cleanse the house by literally cleaning the house with this product. It is similar to smudging a house with sage or can be done before saying.

florida water

Florida Water

This is our homemade, from scratch, Florida water. We have recreated Florida Water based loosely on using the traditional citrus oils mixed with lavender. for spiritual cleansing and purification. Contains essential oils of lavender, tangerine, sweet orange, lemon, and clove in a base of perfumer’s alcohol. So clean and bright. We also make a Florida Water soap. 1 oz. bottle

Herbal Baths for love, personal power, and unhexing

thirteen 13 hoodoo herb bathHerbal bath no13 is a 13 Herb bath meant for unhexing, unjinxing, and for removing negativity. $5.00

Nine 9 Herb hoodoo bathHerbal Bath no9 – a 9 herb bath used for power, wisdom and control. $5.00
hoodoo seven 7 bath Herbal bath no7 is a seven herb bath made specifically for luck and money. $5.00




hoodoo chinese wash

Chinese Wash

– Chinese wash is used in protection magic and for clearing a space of negative or bad intentions. Simply place a capful into a small bucket or bowl of warm water and used to cleanse the items in your house. Wonderful magic for spring cleaning to help remove negative energies while cleaning at the same time. Can be used with a sponge to cleanse surfaces and for a floor wash to use with a mop. After cleansing the house, be sure to clean the front porch as a final act of clearing and protection. Some even dump the bucket contents in the front yard near the door. $8.00


bath salts hoodoo

Hoodoo Bath salts

Ritual Bathing has been a part of all forms of magic and spiritual practices since recorded history. Each packet of our bath salts is created using the herbs and oils for the particular condition you are wanting to address. Some people take a submerged bath and dispose of the bath water in a ritual while others prefer to treat the salt like a cleansing to prepare them for a greater ritual. $5.00

Saint and Angel Bath Salts

Call upon the Saints and Angels to aid in your situation during a ritual bath. Each packet of our bath salts is created using the herbs and oils for the particular condition you are wanting to address. Each packet contains enough for two baths. $5.00