The Tennessee Conjure Shop is an online shop for hoodoo supplies and magical ingredients, as well as a brick and mortar store that you can visit for new age, metaphysical, witchcraft, and hoodoo supplies. We have been selling herbs, candles, and oils since 1999 and host a Folk Magic Festival each year. Spell supplies, hoodoo oils, saint and angel products, essential oils, books, powders, potions, roots, mojo bags, and incense – everything you need for crafting the perfect spell.

hoodoo anointing oils

Hoodoo condition oils are used for a variety of purposes: for anointing the body, to dress candles for spellwork, to mark doors and windows in the home, or to feed mojo bags. Over 70 types from traditional hoodoo to saints, angels, and chakras.

powdered incense magic  INCENSE AND SMOKE –

incense has been traditionally used to carry one’s prayer to heaven. Conjure Shop mixes our own powdered incense for your ritual and magic work using real essential oils. Standard favorite incenses also available as well as resins and accessories.

hoodoo baths and washes   BATHS AND WASHES –

spiritual bathing can play an important role in magic for protection and cleansing. We offer our handmade herbal bath blends, bath salts, and waters and washes for spellwork such as our handmade essential oil Florida Water and Chinese Wash for ritually cleansing the home.

hoodoo sachet powders   SACHET POWDERS –
in Hoodoo and folk magic, sachet powders are usually used for dusting paperwork for magical purposes and for foot track magic. Love letters are dusted with Love Attracting powder to bring your love to you. Hot Foot powder is sprinkled in the path or where your target will walk.

hoodoo herbs   HERBS, ROOTS, AND MINERALS –

At the heart of Hoodoo and Appalachian Folk Magic is: herbs, roots, flowers, minerals, and animal curios – each one having historical use in magic for specific purposes. Not all magical ingredients are safe to ingest as a tea, so read instructions carefully before deciding on how you will use them. Sold in 3 x 5 bags. Price range between $4 to $6.


Candles have played an powerful role in magic and prayer for centuries. We offer a wide selection of figural candles (shaped like man, woman, couples, objects), small spell candles, pillars, and glass encased vigil candles. These candles are for use in your magical practices and come plain and not dressed. If you are seeking pre-dressed and blessed candles, see our section on candle altar services.

mojo bag   MOJO BAGS –

Mojo bags are used as charms or talisman and contain specific herbs, roots, and other ingredients for a main purpose whether it be money, love, protection, and so on. Our mojo bags are the old-fashioned “ball-type” mojo bag, which is a small square of flannel (color depends on condition) that is loaded with ingredients, prayed over, smudged, given a breath of life, and tied shut. We offer mojo bags in two categories: made by batch (for a specific purpose such as love or money) or custom-made – just for you.

magical soap   HERBAL OR MAGICAL SOAPS –

We offer soaps for magical bathing purposes as well as herbal, handmade soaps for the pleasure of bathing. Papa Gee has been making natural soap since 1999 and is the author of the best selling book MAKING SOAP FROM SCRATCH. Each batch is made with vegetable oils and real essential oils and herbs. Magical soaps are stirred with intention and magical purpose. We currently offer: Love Attracting, Money Drawing, and Florida Water soaps alongside a long list of natural soaps for the bath.

tarot cards   TAROT AND ORACLE CARDS –

We sell a large selection of Tarot and Oracle cards as well as a wide range of Lenormand cards. Many on our staff are card readers including: Doctor Bastian, Papa Gee, and Sister Charity. We are also the publisher of Papa Gee’s WHITE MOJO LENORMAND ORACLE deck.